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To bring out our clients' brightest colors. We believe in doing what we LOVE and working with people that value what we do.

Genesis Marketing takes your colors and brightens them. We have the ability to analyze your color palette and showcase your brightest colors.

We adapt to your colors and inspire consumers to fall in love with your brightest colors.

Things We Do
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We splash your colors worldwide.

We bring together our customers passion for their product and services, brand connections, social and media connections, with a relentless dedication to helping our customers be sustainable and grow.

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  • Meet the Genesis Marketing Team

    Genesis Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that offers a range of customized marketing plans and strategies that bring out the best colors of our clients. We have assembled a talented team of creative curators, diligent event planners, word smiths, analytical gurus, number nerds, & organizational freaks that are dedicated to working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients. We are a group of crazy like-minded individuals that love to play hard, but work even harder.   [Apply for an Internship]

    Mary Kae Repp

    Chief Color Coordinator
    Owner of Genesis Marketing -- Bringing Peoples Dreams to Life in the Most Colorful Way Possible



    Supreme Color Clarifier
    General Administrative Duties, Social Media and Co-Op Claims


    Paxton McKinney

    Media Placement Strategist
    Strategist that optimizes media placement whether traditional or online.


    Robb Davis

    Website Virtuoso
    Web & Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Database Management, Analytics


    John Rawley

    Curator of Creativity
    Our Go-To Guy for All Things Creative


    Miranda Larson

    Central Washington Color Coordinator
    Social Media, Project & Budget Management

    Genesis Marketing believes in the science of happiness. We work hard every day to be at our “BEST” through working on being “Heliotropic”.

    What is being Heliotropic?
    (As defined from Mary Kae’s friend Dr. Harry Cohen)
    • Be REAL
    • Be KIND
    • LISTEN
    • Follow through on commitments
    • Be Compassionate
    • SMILE
    • Make people feel GREAT
    • Be at your BEST and put people at their BEST
    We believe that in acting this way we bring out our best performance, creativity, and our best health.

    Recently, a critical mass of research has provided what might be the most basic and irrefutable argument in favor of happiness: Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand. Indeed, scientific studies have been finding that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer. Several of the studies cited below suggest that happiness causes better health; others suggest only that the two are correlated—perhaps good health causes happiness but not the other way around. Happiness and health may indeed be a virtuous circle, but researchers are still trying to untangle their relationship.

    We like to think our weekly color emails make people happier...this is our desire and wish for all who receive them.

    Happiness is researched to do these six things for your life:

    Remaining Positive, Relaxed, and Mindful
      1. Happiness protects your heart
      2. Happiness strengthens your immune system
      3. Happiness combats stress
      4. Happy people have fewer aches and pains
      5. Happiness combats disease and disability
      6. Happiness lengthens our lives

    This Weeks Color Email

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    April 3rd, 2017 // by Nicole Garner

    Happy Monday!
    The Genesis Team wishes you a fantastic start to your work week.
    This week's email is brought to you by Nicole...
    While everyone is free to value whatever they would like and spend their time/money in the fashion that they prefer, I have come to realize that it is experiential living that feeds my spirit. Take a risk. Go to a concert. Travel. Do something you've never done. Camp in nature with no electronics. Say hello and make friends with a stranger.

    As I prepare myself to embark on my first ever Californian vacation, it seems only natural that I would second-guess my decision and wonder if I made the best choice to spend my money on a vacation to San Diego with my daughter. Surely, there are other things I could have spent the money on... paying ahead on my rent or my Avista bill. Buying the 2 of us a summer wardrobe a couple of months ahead of time... maybe investing in a new car?  And it's in that internal deliberation that I must find solace with my decision and remember the core of who I am and what I value as most important in my life. While those who know me well, are acutely aware of my ambition, drive and competitive nature in my quest to establish myself professionally, at the end of the day, it is my relationships and my life experiences which bring me the most fulfillment and lasting joy. Spending 4 days in sunny San Diego with my one and only child now seems the perfect decision as it will satisfy BOTH of those needs at once.

    Experiential Living. What exactly IS it? I decided to research the term to better explain it to those who maybe had not heard it phrased that way before. In a nutshell, "experiential living" is the belief that lives rich with experiences, personal accomplishments and meaningful relationships are more valuable than a collection of material possessions and expensive things aka "stuff." While young people may assess more importance to material things as a sign of being higher in their social hierarchy, it is the relationships and experiences that are recognized as the true essence of life as those young adults grow more mature.

    Why is this? You may be asking yourself. Well according to years of psychological studies and data collection, it is because humans are highly adaptive creatures. While we're initially hooked on a new possession, we quickly get used to it and it loses its luster whereas memories of experiences tend to grow richer over time and even negative experiences can support character-building and lesson-learning. 


    This week's color email courtesy of:

    Nicole Garner
    Sponsor Relations, Advertising, Production & Coordination (TV /Radio /Print)

    Genesis Marketing / (509) 777-1120 / Spokane, WA

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