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To bring out our clients' brightest colors. We believe in doing what we LOVE and working with people that value what we do.

Genesis Marketing takes your colors and brightens them. We have the ability to analyze your color palette and showcase your brightest colors.

We adapt to your colors and inspire consumers to fall in love with your brightest colors.

Things We Do


We help your color be heard by writing stories that paint your picture out loud and pair it with a voice that enhances your color.

We are obsessively committed to growing our customers' business. Our strength is to customize our services to perfectly match your needs. We pride ourselves on being “Freaky Flexible” with our core values directly connected to our obsession to be our BEST for our clients.

Meet the Genesis Marketing Team

Genesis Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that offers a range of customized marketing plans and strategies that bring out the best colors of our clients. We have assembled a talented team of creative curators, diligent event planners, word smiths, analytical gurus, number nerds, & organizational freaks that are dedicated to working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients. We are a group of crazy like-minded individuals that love to play hard, but work even harder.   [Apply for an Internship]

Mary Kae Repp

Chief Color Coordinator
Owner of Genesis Marketing -- Bringing Peoples Dreams to Life in the Most Colorful Way Possible



Supreme Color Clarifier
General Administrative Duties, Social Media and Co-Op Claims


Paxton McKinney

Media Placement Strategist
Strategist that optimizes media placement whether traditional or online.


Robb Davis

Website Virtuoso
Web & Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Database Management, Analytics


John Rawley

Curator of Creativity
Our Go-To Guy for All Things Creative


Angie Macedo

Social Media Maven
Online Marketing, Visual Design, Social Media Management


Cailyn Connelly

Technical Writing Aficionado
Our Go-To "Proofer" & Social Media Superhero

Genesis Marketing believes in the science of happiness. We work hard every day to be at our “BEST” through working on being “Heliotropic”.

What is being Heliotropic?
(As defined from Mary Kae’s friend Dr. Harry Cohen)
  • Be REAL
  • Be KIND
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Be Compassionate
  • Make people feel GREAT
  • Be at your BEST and put people at their BEST
We believe that in acting this way we bring out our best performance, creativity, and our best health.

Recently, a critical mass of research has provided what might be the most basic and irrefutable argument in favor of happiness: Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand. Indeed, scientific studies have been finding that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer. Several of the studies cited below suggest that happiness causes better health; others suggest only that the two are correlated—perhaps good health causes happiness but not the other way around. Happiness and health may indeed be a virtuous circle, but researchers are still trying to untangle their relationship.

We like to think our weekly color emails make people happier...this is our desire and wish for all who receive them.

Happiness is researched to do these six things for your life:

Remaining Positive, Relaxed, and Mindful
    1. Happiness protects your heart
    2. Happiness strengthens your immune system
    3. Happiness combats stress
    4. Happy people have fewer aches and pains
    5. Happiness combats disease and disability
    6. Happiness lengthens our lives

This Weeks Color Email

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October 22nd, 2018 // by

This color email was brought to you by one of our clients:

One of the amazing companies we work with at Genesis is an organization called Be the Sun, not the Salt.  The company, founded by Dr. Harry Cohen and Connie Fontaine is all about spreading heliotropic behaviors and encouraging people to be the Sun, and not Salt in all of their moment to moment choices. 

Dr. Harry Cohen often says, "Leave them with an afterglow, not an aftertaste." It's somewhat of a sequel phrase to Be the Sun, not the Salt, and one that has always stuck with me as I try and be more heliotropic.

Being the Sun, not the Salt is all about YOUR choice to be your best-self. But what does that mean for those you interact with? 

When you are your best-self, you are a more positive, happier person. You are caring and compassionate, helpful, and loyal.  All these qualities, not only improve your life, but they improve the lives of others.  Think about a time when you interacted with someone who exuded positivity and warmth. Did you not walk away feeling better about yourself and even inspired? We at Be the Sun, not the Salt would refer to this as an afterglow. Something that you get when you encounter someone being the Sun.  

Just as you can leave someone with an afterglow, you can also leave them with an aftertaste. This comes from being the Salt. We often are unaware of when we are doing this.  When you don't act as your best-self, when you are rude, or even indifferent, you can leave people feeling diminished or annoyed.  If you leave them with a bad aftertaste of your interaction, they will likely avoid you the next time!

The key to leaving people with an afterglow instead of an aftertaste is simple. Just take a moment to think about it.  Think about how you are making them feel. If you act as the Sun, you will leave people with an afterglow. If you act as the Salt you will leave them with an aftertaste. Strive to be heliotropic in all your interactions and make people feel happy, valued, and inspired. 

This week's color email courtesy of:

Genesis Marketing / (509) 777-1120 / Spokane, WA

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