Color Creators

Meet Our Team

Our team thrives in a community of engagement and collaboration, holding true to what we call our CMYK Culture. Our ability to create color for our clients’ rests on our relentless curiosity, youthful spirit, and thoughtful campaign strategy. Our unique perspective and personal approach create a harmonious palette that just works. We do our best to exercise empathy and transparency and do what’s right for our partners, our business, and every human involved. Meet our talented team of Color Creators below.

Mary Kae Repp

Chief Color Coordinator

What do you bring to Genesis Marketing:
It’s not just a job… it’s about making something amazing for our customers! My primary job is to listen — and bring peoples dreams to life in the most colorful way possible.

I do this through putting myself at my “BEST” as often as possible by:

Being Innovative

Making our customers products/services understandable

Being honest

Always working to make our customers campaigns and business sustainable

Working from the philosophy… Less is better!

Joel Mansfield

Media Master

What do you bring to Genesis Marketing:
Stability! (Joel covers any gaps)

B.S. Electronic Engineering, 8 years production engineering, Process Improvement, Six Sigma, LEAN, Master of Health Policy and Administration

John Rawley

Curator of Creativity

What do you bring to Genesis Marketing:

A proud Washington resident his whole life, John brings creative innovation to the forefront of all projects. After hours you can find John exploring new restaurants, cooking at home, and long boarding to the nearest concert venue.


Graphic/Web Design, Thinking Out-Of-The-Box, Social Media Management, Event Planning and Promoting, Creative Writing, Budget Friendly Initiatives, Guerrilla Marketing, Trend Analytics, Market Research, Viral Practices

Luke Schauble

Web Developer

What do you bring to Genesis Marketing:
Luke handles website creation and maintenance. Along with this, he also works on projects involving analytics, SEO, graphic design, animation, and video editing.

Luke attended Washington State University and graduated with a degree in Digital Technology & Culture, with a minor in Computer Science. He codes in many languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C#, as well as front-end frameworks like React.js and Bootstrap 5.

Spencer Yeager

Paid Social Specialist

Spencer handles all digital marketing duties at Genesis Marketing. He is involved with developing marketing plans, data analysis, paid social (PPC), SEO, project management, client onboarding, and more. He enjoys building long-lasting relationships and helping clients exceed expectations.

Cameron Todd

Web Wizard

What do your bring to Genesis Marketing:

Cameron handles some of our graphic design needs, along with social media management and website updates.


Cameron graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2022 with a B.A. in Visual Communication & Design. He was originally studying computer science but made the switch to VCD in early 2019.


Cameron is originally from Tacoma, Washington, but made the move to Spokane for college. In his free time, Cameron loves to snowboard, longboard, play disc golf and lacrosse, and produce music.

Noah Johnson

Graphic Design & Animation

What do you bring to Genesis Marketing:

Noah handles graphic design and motion graphics animation. Along with this, he also works on projects web design, maintenance and video production.


Noah has been doing graphic design since 2015 and animation since 2019. He graduated with honors in 2019 with an Associates in Arts in Visual Communications from WCC in Bellingham, WA.

Chandler Hritsco

Graphic Design & Social Media

What do you bring to Genesis Marketing:
Chandler handles some of the graphic design needs along with video editing, social media management, and occasional web dev assistance.
Chandler is attending Western Governors University for a .B.S. in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. He is proficient in Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.
Chandler was born in Spokane, Washington but has lived in North Dakota and California. In his free time he enjoys longboarding, snowboarding, leather working, and spends a large amount of time restoring cars from the 90s.

Aubree Click

Graphic Design & Social Media

What do your bring to Genesis Marketing:

Aubree handles graphic design needs and social media management.


Aubree is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, as well as a degree in Fine Arts at Gonzaga University.


Originally from Spokane, Washington, Aubree can be found painting, listening to music, or spending time with family and friends.