Color Creators

Meet Our Team

Our team thrives in a community of engagement and collaboration, holding true to what we call our CMYK Culture. Our ability to create color for our clients’ rests on our relentless curiosity, youthful spirit, and thoughtful campaign strategy. Our unique perspective and personal approach create a harmonious palette that just works. We do our best to exercise empathy and transparency and do what’s right for our partners, our business, and every human involved. Meet our talented team of Color Creators below.

Mary Kae Repp

Chief Color Coordinator

Joel Mansfield

Media Master

Robb Davis

Website Virtuoso

John Rawley

Curator of Creativity

Brittney Werner

Storytelling Specialist

Spencer Yeager

Paid Social Specialist

Cody Abel

Website Wizard

Kate Stiger

Content Crafter

Todd Thompson

Video & Photo Editor