Will recieve a brand-new Grenadier for FREE
A $71,500.00 value.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this partnership between Elliott Bay INEOS Grenadier and REI. We are 100% confident that this will be worth your time to read, and we believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial.

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What is Elliott Bay INEOS Grenadier offering REI?

  • A brand-new GRENADIER to give away as an enter-to-win contest.
    • Retail Value: $71,500.00 at NO COST to you.
  • A 10’ X 10’ space in Grenadier’s new showroom on the first floor of the downtown Seattle Google office (located at 1025 Valley Street, Seattle) to promote REI
  • INEOS Grenadier will promote that the first 100 people to order a new Grenadier from our new Google showroom will receive a $100 REI gift card.
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What is The Grenadier?

The INEOS Grenadier is a highly functional, rugged, 4-wheel drive sport utility vehicle. It’s the epitome of the outdoors and offers functionality, practicality, and durability on a whole different level than we’ve seen in automobiles in quite some time. Very reminiscent of the old school Land Rover Defender, the INEOS Grenadier tips its hat and pays homage to its roots.

See the Grenadier in Action​

Watch the video to see the Grenadier in action, conquering all types of terrain, including rough dirt roads, mud, mountains, snow, and pushing through deep water.

Why Elliott Bay INEOS Grenadier is the Perfect Fit:

ADVENTURE is at our core.

Grenadier’s mission is to “foster a culture of thoughtfulness, build relationships that last a lifetime, and empower individuals to build their own adventures.”

REI’s stated purpose is “to awaken a lifelong love of the outdoors, for all” and to provide people with “outdoor experiences to enjoy alone or share with your friends and family.” (Source: About Us | REI Co-op)

We believe that those both go hand-in-hand.

QUALITY is our standard.

The idea behind the Grenadier is to develop a 4X4 that will be an uncompromising, no frills, no fuss vehicle that provides best-in-class off-road capability, durability, and utility.

We know that REI stands for that same standard of quality, durability, and utility.

LOCAL to Seattle.

Elliot Bay INEOS Grenadier’s new location will be at 1025 Valley Street, Seattle WA—less than a mile away from the REI Seattle Flagship Store.

What is Elliot Bay INEOS Grenadier asking from REI?

All we ask for in return is the following: 

  • One Grenadier to be on display in the REI Seattle Flagship store next to the climbing wall for 6 months. Our preferred dates are May 17 to December 15, 2024 
  • Allow INEOS Grenadier to have signage on the vehicle so people know how to contact INEOS Grenadier for more information.
  • Create a 6-month contest for someone to win a brand new Grenadier
  • Allow INEOS Grenadier to have a link off to their website in the bounce back email to all who enter the contest.
  • One-hundred, $100 REI gift cards to give away to the first 100 people to purchase a Grenadier from Elliot Bay INEOS Grenadier.

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A $71,500.00 value.