Chief Color Coordinator
Bringing Peoples Dreams to Life in the Most Colorful Way Possible


What do you bring to Genesis Marketing:
It's not just a job... it's about making something amazing for our customers! My primary job is to listen -- and bring peoples dreams to life in the most colorful way possible.

I do this through putting myself at my "BEST" as often as possible by:

  • Being Innovative
  • Making our customers products/services understandable
  • Being honest
  • Always working to make our customers campaigns and business sustainable
  • Working from the philosophy... Less is better!

  • Personal:
    My FAVORITE thing to do is spend social time with my friends. I'm the FIRST person to plan a party, and or find a reason to host a social event of any kind. I am known for hosting annual events and gatherings that are very FUN!

    My brain and body need an outlet of energy exhaustion... so I am also very interested in working out or physical activity. I am ALWAYS on the go. I often work out, LOVE to wake board, LOVE to be active... however, I very much dislike running -- LOL!!!!

    My favorite place to relax is ANYWHERE with white sand... HOT sun and great music!

    I'm a wine snob... really only like red wine... and truly only LOVE red wine from Walla Walla. Wine bars are some of my favorite places to have social outings with friends.

    As I get older... cooking is a big passion of mine. My friends and husband tell me I have expanded into quite the gourmet cook!

    I am "STILL" a die hard 80's music Fan and LOVE to go to concerts. In 2015 at the Spokane County Interstate Fair I had the chance to hang out with Air Supply, and get my photos!!!